Elizabeth (cervezaesbueno) wrote,

"What's wrong with you nowadays"

1) im well aware of my own depressive bouts
2) I'm having a depressive bout
3) I would fix it if I knew how to
4) I'm not gonna apologise for something I can't control
5) you shouldn't be angry that I am also finally refusing to tolerate any of your racist, sexist, homophobic and self-entitled bullshit anymore (attn: my own family whom I have to spend my weekends with which is why I am so moody all the time even when im not having an "episode")
6) however I am behaving has nothing to do with how I am eating because I am eating well
7) my decision not to eat meat is not something trivial
8) it is not a religion but it doesn't mean it is less important
9) find me the religion that I could be following if you so believe that I'm starting to follow another faith L M A O

10) I'm feeling better after my run but still, fuck all of you
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