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Some other me
Can you trace back your life to the significant moments that brought you to where you are today?

Because I can, and it is hella scary to think about where I could be had there been just one turn of events in the past.

Glee. Fangirl. Musical theatre. Theatre. Here.

Before that?

Avril Lavigne. Glee covered Keep Holding On. I was a huge Avril fan. Read the forums of the fan site every day. Had I just missed that post, would I have started Glee and become the crazy TV-loving person I am today?

Had I not made friends with the new girl in primary 4, would I still have discovered Avril's music and fell down the rabbit hole of fangirl doom?

Had I not introduced Glee to Vanessa (did I even do that?) would she have dragged me to see Spring Awakening in 2012? Would I still have found Pangdemonium as I have now?

Honestly. There are parts of my history that I'm so embarrassed for anyone to know about because it is silly and I am trying to adult now. But I treasure them and I smile when I look back because if not for them, if not for my obsessive fangirl self, I probably would not be where I am today.

But it's also scary, because what would some other me have been? What if I never developed a love for theatre? What would be driving me right now? What if I never started watching a shit ton of US TV? Would I still be watching Hong Kong dramas with my mum everyday? Would I be lost and confused about what to pursue in the future at 20 years old? Would I have gone to a JC and been in uni now? Could I have actually been happy that way? Like I am now? And not question that there could be another life out there?

I'm not unhappy about where I am. Instead, I'm rather grateful. I feel kinda lucky, though I hate saying that because I believe that I've worked to get where I am. But a little part of me can't help but giggle and sigh happily that many things have just kinda fallen into place for me. And I'm glad, but I'm also so curious. Curious about some other me.