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back to da past
So I just looked through my own instagram profile all the way to my first post ever and discovered a few things

1) life used to be super cool and easy yo. I think everything just gets more and more complicated and I have no idea what's to come

2) my look has barely changed. Apart from a new pair of glasses I just got a couple of days ago, I have pretty much had the same look for three years

3) I started watching and loving Rizzoli and Isles over two years ago. I'm still reading Rizzles fanfic today even tho I don't love the show as much anymore. Damn.

4) Stana Katic was my sun and my moon. And to think a celebrity crush was the worst of my problems then, sheesh.

6) I'm glad vanessa made me create an instagram even though I thought it was dumb. It's nice to look back, I guess.


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